MOJO Vignette

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This was a larger project that I was a part of for almost two years. MOJO is a comic book series created by Everett Downing, a former animator/story artist at Pixar and now a story artist at Dreamworks. While at Pixar, he recruited a number of artist and I to help him create this CG vignette of his MOJO universe.

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Environment Fun

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Hey all, I haven’t posted here in a bit, but I have taken on some small projects in my spare time. I have a longer term project coming up and wanted to begin creating a library of environmental assets and some procedural tools to help me generate assets a bit faster, since I’ll be creating some of the work on my own initially.

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2013 Blog Recap

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Well, 2013 was a great year in my personal life but also creatively. I really feel like I was able to focus my creative drive into more project output than I have in years past and as I flip through my blog, I’m generally happy with that effort.

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Speed Sculpts: “Baseball Guy” and “Unicorn Ogre”

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I took a week off from sculpting and decided to do some speed sessions today as I warm back up. I took a more stylized approach to these two characters and had a lot of fun with it. The friendly baseball player was just a generic warmup, but the ‘Unicorn Ogre’ was created as part of the Daily Spit Sculpt’s (a sculpting group on Facebook) daily theme. Each of these sculpts took about 50 minutes. Thanks for checking them out!

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Creative Closure: Gift (Short Film) + Previs

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This is one of a few short film projects that Roxanne Paredes and I decided to film to get some more live-action experience. It has been a while since I’ve shot something, so I was dusting off the cobwebs with this piece for sure. Our friends, Rob Little and Brett Warne, volunteered to act in the short for us and we’re happy with what came together. That being said, we definitely learned a lot and I decided to make a post including some of the biggest take-aways from this project.

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Updated: Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman (10/25)

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I’ve put a little more time into my Jesse Pinkman piece, fleshing out a body and some base clothing that I can sculpt with. The body is an average/skinny build for Jesse, and similar to my ‘Wanderer’ project, I’ve dynameshed and remeshed this body to act as a collision mesh in Marvelous Designer. In MD, I setup a few base patterns for a long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, and jeans, tailored for Jesse. I’ve exported these into ZBrush where I’ll sculpt the details soon. I’d love to add a hoodie to this character, and am currently IP on the model for the sneakers. Thanks for taking a look!

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