Borrowed Time (2015)

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After four years of after-hours work with an incredible team of friends, Quorum Films is happy to share the first images of Borrowed Time, an animated short film that will be in festivals throughout 2015-2016! I was the Simulation and Costume Supervisor throughout the project. Here are some of the first images and what you can do to see more!

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The Good Dinosaur (2015)

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After spending a year on The Good Dinosaur, it going on hold for a bit, and now spending one more year helping the project cross the finish line, we’re happy to show off the first full trailer for the project! It’s hard to believe that Pixar will have two projects released in the same year. I hope everyone enjoys the trailer!

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Reconnecting (2014)

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Reconnecting was the third short film that FWMT Production produced between 2014-2015. You can watch it here! (I might have to flag this one as ‘Mature’. D:)

“Patrick wants to hold on to his long-distance girlfriend Jess by recapturing the fire in their relationship with the aid of sexy Japanese webcam toys.”

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Voice Memo No. 5 (2014)

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A group of friends and I joined together to form FWMT Productions, a team that would develop a number of short films together throughout 2014 and 2015.
“This Boy”, was the first of those shorts, and was the winner of Pixar’s 48 Hour Film Festival last year. The second short was “Voice Memo No. 5”, which you can watch here.

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2014 Projects

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2014 was a great year. I had a lot of fun making things with cool people. I backed off of sculpting for a bit to focus on directing and producing some live action short films. A group of friends and I collaborated on a 48 hour festival short film project called “This Boy,” and on two additional shorts called “Voice Memo No. 5” and “Reconnecting.” I’ve learned a lot throughout those little productions and hope to keep creating things in 2015!

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MOJO Vignette

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This was a larger project that I was a part of for almost two years. MOJO is a comic book series created by Everett Downing, a former animator/story artist at Pixar and now a story artist at Dreamworks. While at Pixar, he recruited a number of artist and I to help him create this CG vignette of his MOJO universe.

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Environment Fun

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Hey all, I haven’t posted here in a bit, but I have taken on some small projects in my spare time. I have a longer term project coming up and wanted to begin creating a library of environmental assets and some procedural tools to help me generate assets a bit faster, since I’ll be creating some of the work on my own initially.

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